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Tena Koe ~ Greetings Ladies & Gentlemen

The Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Association was formed in 2017 to bring Community & Business together, sharing community and business interests, goals and values to serve our wider Christchurch Community.  

We are a ‘community based and community focused’ diverse group of local residents, associates and business entities.  We are the poets, artists, actors and writers, the academics, the musicians, the realtors, the entrepreneurs, the politicians and the conservationists .. We are the caretakers of Cashmere, Port Hills, Christchurch and Canterbury. 

Our members enjoy the finest and most important aspects in life; health and wellbeing, the company of respected community and business people, good food and wine and an appreciation of timeless etiquettes.


Our Mission

  • Our mission of service is to provide extra support to both communities and local businesses when it is required.
  • Supporting our local business community by promoting our resources and encouraging each other’s services, whether you are working from home or from your organisation’s office.
  • Reinforcing better community relations and cultural awareness through business workshops and social network gatherings.
  • Providing business mentoring service and personal counselling support to Community & Business Members from time to time when it’s needed.
  • Honoring Heritage by re-connecting with our local history, reinforcing heritage values through Community & Business Harry Ell Awards we celebrate yearly.
  • Bringing Communities & Businesses closer together to reinforce good health, security and safety practices amongst communities and providing support for our local government Emergency Services.


Our Focus Area

The map below shows our focused area and that everyone who dwells from Kennedys Bush around the hills slopes to Scarborough/Godleys Heads have the first right of priority to join the  Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Association.    Like an island from the eastern to the western side of the Port Hills, surrounded by the flowing living water from Lyttelton Harbour over and around the hills to the Cashmere Stream > Heathcote River and towards the sea, The Pacific Ocean.

Haere mai … Te mana o te iwi me te whenua noho konei … The mana of the people and the land stays here … Ko tatou i konei katoa rite kotahi whanau kotahi hapori  … We are all here as one family one community … A very warm welcome to all Cashmere / Port Hills Community & Business Association Members, Associates & The Christchurch Community ~ WE WELCOME YOU ALL WITH LOVE, GOODWILL AND GOOD FAITH.




  • To Our Major Sponsors

  • To Our Corporate Business Members Partners/Sponsors/Associates 

  • To Our Community & Business Association Supporters & Volunteers, Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Canterbury Community 

Contact Details

  • The Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community & Business Association
  • Telephone : 027 554 7787 / (03) 337 9798
  • Email : office@cashmereporthills.co.nz
  • Website:  https://cashmereporthills.co.nz/


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