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Who we are … How we are funded

The Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Association is a membership association with a yearly subscription of $250 from each participating Business Member.  This membership fee will assist us in running the Association administration monthly events and activities we share with the Community.  MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM 1.

Non-Business Communities are also welcome to join the Association for $25/household depending on each individual’s current position and his/her contribution to the Association Mission (Special Terms & Conditions Apply).

The Cashmere/Port Hills Community & Business Association operates as a ‘non profit’ Association. The funds we raise are for the sole purpose of supporting our mission for the Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community and THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST.

The Board of Trustees and Management Committee role is to manage and execute the Association Mission Statement, oversee and develop the Association/Foundation Projects throughout the year with the support of its corporate and financial business members.

We rely on funding support from businesses and organisations to deliver The Port Hills Foundation Mission through both a paid or volunteer-based service for the Cashmere/Port Hills Christchurch Community.


Become a Member



SECOND: Complete/Sign then Email your completed Membership Application Form >

THIRD:  Payment to be made by Online Banking into

  • THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST                KIWBANK ACCOUNT: 38 – 9022 – 0334942 – 00
  • USE your Full Name/Telephone Number as REFERENCE

Once the above process is completed and payment is received > A Welcome Package from the The Port Hills Foundation with your Association Membership Number, Constitution Guidelines and Benefits as an Official Financial Member of THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST.

Membership Benefits

All Members will support each other in times of need or want and will provide the public with the best products and services throughout the year.

All Members will have access to discounted rates as well as first opportunity to free giveaway promotions.  The following fields will offer you these benefits or savings once you have completed your Registration as A Financial Member of THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST (Terms and Conditions Apply).

  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Community & Business Mentoring
  • Education ~ Workshop/Training
  • Host Community & Business Events
  • Employment Opportunities
  • IT Computer Support Service
  • Website Design & Maintenance
  • Legal & Conveyancing
  • Real Estate & Property Management Service
  • Accounting & Book-Keeping
  • Insurance & Investments
  • Hospitality & Accommodation
  • Building & Renovations
  • Domestic & Commercial Cleaning
  • Lawn Mowing & Gardening
  • Guest Speaker Opportunity @ Social Network Gathering
  • Community & Business Awards Recognition
  • Affiliated Membership with other Associated Business Organisations
  • Become A Member ~ Association


Make a Donation

We need your help to support THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST.   The Port Hills Foundation Charitable Trust mission is Bringing Communities Together to Empowering Communities Good Health and Wellbeing.  If you need support from THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION TRUST, the door is open to all communities of all ages and backgrounds.

Here’s how you can make a donation today by either way;

  • Make a direct credit into THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST (bank account details to be available here soon)
  • Send a cheque made payable to The Port Hills Foundation Charitable Trust > Postal Address : The Management, P.O. Box 36593, Merivale, Christchurch 8146.
  • You will then be sent a Receipt for your Payment

Make a Bequest

Making a bequest to The Port Hills Foundation Charitable Trust will help us to continue our work in supporting our Port Hills/Christchurch in both community counselling and business practical and mentoring advice hence assistance that our Community requires to survive through difficult times.

The overriding benefits of THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION Projects are to generate both economic wealth and employment for our local communities through building of the capability and resilience of the small and medium business sector.   This, in turn, generates wealth and employment for Cashmere/Port Hills, Christchurch and Canterbury Community as a whole.

Your bequest can be for a specified amount, a percentage of your estate, or the residue of the estate after other bequests and outgoings have been met.

We strongly suggest that you seek advice from a legal advisor or trustee company when arranging your will.

New Will

If you are thinking about drawing up a will, by adding a bequest in favour of THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST, you will assist us in continuing our work within our Cashmere/Port Hills, Christchurch Canterbury Community.

If you have decided to leave a bequest to  THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST … your generosity is very much appreciated

Please feel free to contact us if you have made or are considering leaving a bequest to THE PORT HILLS FOUNDATION CHARITABLE TRUST via email or by telephone (027) 554 7787 anytime on Monday – Friday.

We can inform our Members of your generous support but also so that we can keep you up-to-date with our ongoing work.  A letter of confirmation or acknowledgement will be issued with receipt on all donations and purchase payments.

Thank you sincerely for your kind donation.


Christmas Awards Celebration 2017

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